Privacy policy

Privacy policy

You can never be confident in the quality of services you are offered until you know the details of the privacy policy. This is the basement which manifests the high standards of the delivered services. The information represented below forms the code of our resource.

Ways of personal details collection

When the client signs up on our site, we gather the data which will give us the opportunity to identify our customer during the subsequent visit. This package includes the customer’s name, user name, mail address, address and telephone number. All the mentioned details are gathered, processed and stored on our protected server. The information related to the hardware and software of your computer including the IP address, the domain names, the browser type, and the time of the access is detected and processed by the custom support team that eases the procedure of the improvements.

The customer indicates his personal details related to finances and bank account making the order. To guard these data we use the peculiar servers with a high level of protection. Disclosing private or financial data in public messages which are represented on our site you give the access to these information to other people, but the company doesn’t bear liability for this kind of the information transfer.

The individuals under the age of 13 are abolished to become users of our resource. If the fact about this kind of age discrepancy of the visitor becomes known the company is authorized to delete any information related to him and the account of the person.

How the private details of the clients are processed?

Personal data is needed for identification and to enable the proper site operation. Thus, the company can inform the client of the new features and rebates which become in access. Our company does not have any operations with the customer’s record of the third parties. The resource only gives the access to some of the personal data to other companies which are engaged in the process of site operation. Here we include our partners taking charge sending the messages, analysis of statistics, and the order delivery. These companies have only right to operate your data in the described instances.

The personal details related to political views, religion or race are never disclosed excluding the occasions when the customer confirms the data transfer.

When does the company disclose private information?

Any instance determined by law serves a proper cause for the disclosure of personal information. Among the rest of cases which can demand such procedure are the adjustment of the site operation system to the legislative acts, the defense of the proprietary rights of the resource, and as the security precautions of the clients.

In what way the company is related to the policies of third parties?

To enable the best clients’ acquaintance with other useful opportunities the company offers links to other resources. These sites have different policies and our resource has no connection with them. Addressing these sites you share your private information with these providers. To make confident your privacy is protected visiting these resources learn their code of private details usage. Our resource does not assume responsibility for their policies.

What is the function of cookies in the operation of our website?

Cookies ease the process of collecting information which is depicting the details of internet use being downloaded automatically to the computer of the client. They do not function to set the program or virus on the computer. Cookies enable the record of the customer’s private details. This function of cookies helps to restore the private information next time when the client addresses the site permitting to look through the previously customized items. Though being useful this function can be switched off (to deactivate the cookies change the settings of your browser, but mind: the interactive options of the web resources will not be available).

We are not liable for the cookies engaged by other resources which links are offered on our site.

In what way do we protect the private information?

Submitting the client gives its consent to his personal data collecting, processing, and storing. Our servers are characterized by the high level of protection that guards against the data loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access.

The user ID and the password represent one more level of data protection. The information deleted from the personal account and the deleted account are still represented on the central server, but these data are never sold or disclosed, or used in another way than the described above cases.

Having represented the review the customer agrees to its presentation on the site, but he can address to the custom support to remove it in case of necessity.

In what way does the resource insert changes into the policy?

Updating the services we need to insert correlation in the policy. The clients get the notifications of such changes, but they are advised to address the policy description at times to make confident their personal information is secure.

Feedback presentation

If you have any suggestion or you observe any discrepancy between the declared privacy policy and its implementation address us and we will promptly solve the issue.