Terms and Conditions

Business Arrangements

This section includes data describing all the details of the collaboration between the company delivering written tasks and the client addressing the resource for support in written task completion. These terms represent the means of protection for both parties of the contract and serve to ameliorate the quality of works. The procedure of registration on the site represents the consent of the client with the described terms.

Services We Provide

Our resource represents authors providing the assistance in writing assignments completion. The level of complexity and the types of the assigned tasks are variable. The resource assures the timely delivery of the ordered quality material to the client and the transmission of payment to the writers.

Our writers are the freelancers. Applying for a position of the author they undergo examination, the company may also ask to represent the documentation on education and the sample of writing assignment.

The company offers the determined process of order formation. Acting according to the determined procedure the client can order the needed paper. Having been assigned the task the author becomes responsible for the quality of content and its timely delivery. The payment is transferred to the writer as soon as he completes it and all the rights of ownership related to the work pass to the customer.

Order Formation

During the registration on the site the client should indicate only valid personal data. This information is obligatory to allow the resource inform the customer. The company offers the most suitable professionals in the determined sphere of science to write the paper. After the choice of the writer and sending him the details of order the client pays the determined sum on the site and the writer is assigned officially. During the working process the client can communicate with the writer and the custom support. The chosen messaging system allows to view the percentage of assignment completion. The customer is forbidden to look for the ways of direct collaboration with the assigned writer.

Delivery Terms

The resource is not authorized to solve the issues caused by other providers (internet, e-mail, etc.). The certain delivery problems can be arranged by the custom support team.

The customer can reject the material and ask for refunds if the delivered material does not correspond to the discussed requirements or contains plagiarism. The resource does not bear any liability for the inadequate or illegal usage of the ready paper (expulsion, suspension, loss of scholarship, legal hearings, etc.). The author of the work is the only answerer in case of settlement of a dispute.


Supplementary revisions or reimbursements are offered when the client is not satisfied with the work (if the requirements represented by the client were not followed). Three days time frame after the paper delivery represents the period for the requests. Such request should include the detailed explanation of the reason for refunds which will further be considered by the Quality Services Department. The fee is only given back after this division gives the approval. In other case the customer will be informed about the reason of decline.

Introducing Changes

The resource reserves the right to change the terms of this contract (partially or in whole) with or without notifying the customers. Revisions go into effect after they are reflected on the site.

Data Usage

The customer expresses his consent to provide only valid personal information and to use the assistance for lawful purposes.


The payment is made on the site before the author is determined. After the complete document has been sent to the customer he can announce his complaints about the document within three days term. After this period has passed, the fee is transferred to the writer’s account.

Relation to the Local Legislation System

The resource does not indicate that visiting the website is suitable for all other territories. The visitors bear the responsibility for such decision according to the local legislation system.


The company can dislodge the user’s account in the determined cases. Representing the false private data, misleading, concealing valuable information, participation in frauds related to the transfer of money, doing harm to the customers and the resource server (actions related to malware, spam, viruses, Trojan horses) lead to breaking a contract. The account is dislodged even if the payment was made.

Principal Law

The resource indicates the principal law. This contract is formed in agreement with the legislation of the location of the principal place of business or some any other location indicated by the company. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is not binding on this agreement.

Dispute Settlement

The resource indicates the place of the dispute settlement. Any law suits relate to this contract will take place in the location of the principal place of business or some any other location indicated by the company.

Contact us

To clarify any of the described here instances the client can address the custom support 24/7.